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The reality is that modern shipping is an industrial operation comprising a complex web of logistics, thousands upon thousands of transactions, multi-million dollar deals, and billions of dollars' worth of cargo.














































2014 July

Accepted Paper Service quality assessment in liner shipping industry New





Paper titled “Service quality assessment in liner shipping industry: An empirical study on Asian shipping case” is accepted for publication at International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics (InderScience) and will be available online IJSTL Forthcoming Papers.


Service quality assessment in liner shipping industry: An empirical study on Asian shipping case

Sheng Teng Huang, Bulut Emrah, Okan Duru, Choi Na Young Hwan and Shigeru Yoshida



The aim of this paper is to improve service quality of liner shipping companies and investigates the quality function deployment (QFD) in terms of quality assessment method. Liner shipping is particularly characterized by the container transportation and the wider organization including other logistics activities. The major customers of the logistics services are the industrial clients. The customer satisfaction is key managerial task since the competitiveness is a growing issue in the liner shipping industry. The QFD is one of the unique procedures to expose the requirements of customer and transform them into managerial tasks by cross-correlation analysis between requirements and technical measures. The empirical study is performed to investigate service quality of Asian liner shipping industry by focusing on a group of anonymous leading liner shipping companies. One of the major finding is the customer of liner shipping service tends to purchase a complete transport service including other logistics services. The important technical measures are the implementation of ISO 9001 framework, cheaper service and exemption on terminal handling fee.


Keywords: Quality Function Deployment; House of Quality; Liner Shipping; Service Quality; Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP); Quality Management.


International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, InderScience














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