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The reality is that modern shipping is an industrial operation comprising a complex web of logistics, thousands upon thousands of transactions, multi-million dollar deals, and billions of dollars' worth of cargo.














































2014 August

Announcement THEMARITIME Economist - Call for Editorial Board New





The Maritime Economist (IAME Magazine) Project

Call for Editorial Team


Dear Distinguished Members of IAME,


As some of you know that IAME takes the road for a new venture, THEMARITIME Economist, the upcoming quarterly IAME magazine. We shortly call it ME-Mag. ME-Mag is expected to serve as a platform for exchanging knowledge between business professionals and scholars and also as a record of some developments in the field as well as in the IAME community. ME-Mag will reach the large society of the shipping and maritime industry as an electronic magazine, and it will carry your thoughts and research to thousands of people out of the academic circle.


Scholars will be asked for describing their studies briefly in plain language (“INPLAIN” section) while professionals will be asked for sharing their experiences and lessons learnt from practice (“Profession” section). In addition to these principle objectives, ME-Mag will give particular opportunity to young scholars to share their novel ideas (“Freshminds” section). ME-Mag will also give a particular chair to all scholars and professionals to share critical ideas, emerging debates etc. (“Challenge” Section).


ME-Mag will also fill an emergent gap, and the history of the society and IAME conferences will be written step by step in the “Memories” section.

There are also some other section plans. You may find a sample design of the ME-Mag in the attachment.


It is obvious that such a project cannot take place without volunteer support from our members. We understand very well that most scholars are very busy with research and lectures. Therefore, we plan to define each small task and ask for a volunteer to deal with it. As mentioned, ME-Mag will be published quarterly, and so each task will probably not take much time of volunteers.


At this stage, ME-Mag goes for constituting its editorial team. Therefore, we want to ask IAME members to raise their hands, join our team and take a part in the magazine. For clarifying the roles in the magazine, please check the following descriptions and just send an e-mail ( about your interest.


Section Editors

For each section of ME-Mag, an editor will be assigned (preferably an associate editor too).


- invite submissions or review incoming submissions,

- guide authors (particularly on converting text to plain language for professionals in the industry),

- edit and make it ready for publication (usually 3-4 pages long article)


Design Editor(s)

Since there will be some artworks, ME-Mag may need some volunteers who can use design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or CorelDRAW etc.


PR Editor(s) (Social Media Editor)

Public relations editor is strongly needed for building publicity/popularity of the magazine.

A volunteer is needed to manage Facebook and Twitter pages of the magazine.


* An editor may deal with more than one task. That is optional. Please indicate this at your e-mail.


Young Researchers

We especially encourage young researchers to step forward and actively participate in the magazine. Please do not hesitate to join our team. Young researchers are encouraged to be a section editor or social media editor etc. ME-Mag will be a wonderful experience for all of us!


Finally, We want to make a preliminary call for submissions. We want to share your ideas with the industry. ME-Mag will give you an extraordinary opportunity to tell your study, opinion, criticism etc. ME-Mag just needs you to speak in plain language and simplify your thoughts for general audience. ME-Mag will hopefully attract firms for a possible collaboration. For a good representation, ME-Mag will help you on design and presentation of your submission.




Okan Duru

Editor, ME-Mag


Adolf Ng

Associate Editor, ME-Mag


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